The Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), part of the leading Kellogg School of Management,  is a platform for on-going collaboration between Kellogg faculty, corporate innovation leaders, nonprofits and government. Founded in 2003, the KIN facilitates strategy and management dialogue to promote innovation led growth and build long-term value. The Founder of TransTech, Peter Bryant, is a Senior Fellow of the KIN.
Executive Simulations is specifically geared for executives to help define strategic options and improve their confidence in strategic decisions. E-S take the guesswork out of strategy by modeling real life situations with a suite of tools and techniques including agent based modeling. By observing the outcomes of these models, executives are able to better understand the behavior of their eco system including competitors, markets, regions and socio/political groups.Executive Solutions offers a unique solution that enables executives to define strategic options and improve their confidence in strategic decisions to gain a competitive advantage and increase corporate value.


Peter Bryant is a Senior Advisor to the global boutique investment bank Q Advisors. Q Advisors is an investment banking partnership providing top-tier mergers and acquisitions, and private placement advisory services. The partners and personnel bring a unique approach to their work, having founded, managed and owned large companies of their own. Q brings creative solutions to its clients and an exceptional closure rate to client engagements.

The areas we specialize in are:

  • Private Placements of Equity and Debt
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Restructurings
  • Complimentary advisory services
    • Capital structure review
    • Fairness opinions
    • Valuations
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TransTech USA is an active member of the ANZA Technology Network. The ANZA Technology Network (ANZA Tech.Net.) is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California. ANZA Tech is a politically neutral, independent organization whose focus is to provide real business benefits to its sponsor and member base. It is self-funded from the generous support of its Founding Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors and the business and individual member base.
Asante Partners provides sophisticated investment banking and strategic advisory services across all sectors of healthcare, with particular expertise in mergers and private equity financings. Asante specialize in areas such as medical technology, devices, drug delivery systems biotech, IT and diagnostics.
TransTech USA has a strategic alliance with Clareo Partners that brings together our respective thought leadership in innovation and commercialization to better serve our
respective clients.

Clareo brings together business experts, technologists and academic thought leaders to create breakout strategies for leading companies.

We work with a range of clients from multi-national corporations to selected early-stage firms to solve the strategic and operational challenges unique to emerging growth opportunities. Our guiding philosophy is that innovation is about new value creation, not just new creations. To help our clients bring new ideas to the marketplace, we apply the latest thinking from the world's leading academic research centers for management science. Our perspective is perpetually renewed by academic and industry literature that helps discover key insights, anticipate market trends, and address each client's unique set of problems.

TransTech USA's vision is to create a virtual network of partners that add value by providing complimentary services and capabilities in the formulation and execution of business and innovation strategy. This includes services for new market expansion; open innovation; financial services, scenario development and strategy war games.

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