TransTech USA provides services and systems that assist in the formulation and execution of business and innovation strategy. These include:

Power UP Innovation Strategy Workshop
Power UP Innovation Strategy Review & Development
Power UP Business Strategy Development
Power UP Company Readiness Assessment
Power UP to Market (a Market Viability Assessment)
Power UP to Market Workshop
Raising capital and M&A

These services help define the key strategies and tactics to be executed to Power Up in the optimum timeframe.

Power UP Innovation Strategy Workshop

The Power UP Innovation Strategy Workshop, is a facilitated session designed for the key executives of a company that are affected and responsible for innovation. They will take part in a facilitated session designed to accomplish several things:

Discuss the general concept of Innovation, frameworks and working models for innovative activities, and how such processes apply to their business
Discuss how you create a sustainable innovation culture that actually creates value and competitive advantage – both internal and external based innovation.
Impart information about models and practices being utilized by other companies.
Organizational implications.

Power UP Company Readiness Assessment

The Power UP Readiness Assessment is conducted with a company’s key stakeholders is aimed at assessing a company’s readiness to enter a new market. We take a 360 degree view of the company’s operations. We identify areas that need to be improved prior to even contemplating attacking a new market. The typical areas that get identified are marketing strategy, capital adequacy, key executive skills and overload, and company vision.

Power UP to Market (a Market Viability Assessment)

The Power UP MVA is a real world assessment designed to reduce risk, provide a faster path to market, reduce the learning curve and maximize the resource investment. The MVA consists of a series of internal workshops, external one on one focus sessions with companies, solution providers, investors and influencers in the target market. This is a crucial first step before embarking on the Beach Head phase of entering a new market, getting buy in from all stakeholders (e.g. the board) and developing the Go to market Roadmap.

Power UP to Market Workshop

The Power UP to Market Workshop provides a company insight into the fundamental building blocks to develop new markets and developing a best practice Go to Market Roadmap. It includes reviewing the Roadmap’s 8 core elements. We review a world class structure for messaging and positioning – the Unique Value proposition, its supporting competitive differentiators and power positions, the supporting features and stakeholder benefits. These then underpin the compelling story and its presentation.

Clean Tech

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Faster time to market

Reduced business risk

Flattened learning curve

Less resource investment

Access to capital
High quality introductions to potential customers, partners and investors

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